Choosing the Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice (Plus Cooking Tips)

If you’re serious about getting healthy, you may have heard of the Big Shift to whole grains such as quinoa and brown rice. While quinoa has yet to be accepted by the majority as a daily replacement for bread and other carbohydrate staples, brown rice has been around for decades and is actually a favorite choice both in homes and restaurants.

Why is brown rice special?

Brown rice is a step above white rice because it contains much higher amounts of vegetable protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

In short, you’re not just getting carbohydrates for energy when you eat brown rice. You’re getting plenty of fiber for a healthier colon, trace elements for normal functioning of your organs and of course, protein for cutting fat and building lean muscle mass.

It’s no small wonder that fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders are opting for brown rice when they need to load carbohydrates for prolonged and intense workouts. Brown rice offers plenty of energy for high intensity movements and a much higher level of essential nutrients for better physical performance.

What’s in an ideal rice cooker?

Modern rice cookers today are equipped with a separate, non-stick pan for the uncooked grains and a see-through lid so you can check your rice’s doneness.

It’s very important that you can monitor the cooking process because different rice varieties react differently to core cooking temperatures and water levels.

When you buy a rice cooker specifically for brown rice, be sure to check the vent design. Rice cookers are designed to release steam as the rice cooks; this ensures that the individual grains are cooked perfectly.

Perfectly cooked rice is tender, moist and a lovely accompaniment to most side dishes. Whether you’re serving broccoli, tender baby bamboo shoots or a large slab of steak, well-cooked rice offers a wonderful taste and texture that makes your dining experience truly exceptional.

How long is the cooking time?

The average time needed to cook white rice and brown rice is 40 minutes. Some rice cookers that make use of a lower core cooking temperature may require 5 to 10 minutes more during the final cooking phase. It’s perfectly alright to stop the cooking process if you think the brown rice has already been cooked to perfection.

Remember: the settings on your rice cooker are designed to accommodate a wide variety of rice grains. These features generally do not take into account the individual preferences (i.e. degree of doneness of the rice).

While it is rare for a rice cooker to actually burn rice, it can happen when the rice grains have exceptionally low moisture content and they cook more quickly than freshly harvested rice grains.

On the flipside, if the batch of rice that you purchased is relatively new, it’s possible that the average cooking time for most brands of rice cookers will be too short to produce the semi-dry and tender brown rice that we all love.

If you think this is the case then simply allow your brown rice to stay in the rice cooker for a few more minutes after the machine has shifted from “cooking” mode to “keep warm” mode.

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